Managed Hosted Services

Spam Filtering

We offer managed offsite spam filtering for your onsite premise exchange server at an affordable price. This offline appliance will queue your email if your onsight network does down and deliver it when it reconnects.


With managed anti-virus protection, your servers and workstations will send an immediate email indicating potential harm to your company’s network. The online management console will automatically identify new viruses and keep your computers updated in real time.

Network Monitoring

Like anti-virus protection, network monitoring will send alerts if there is hardware failure, asset tracking, or network outages in servers or workstations. This is a valuable asset for onsite servers to ensure proactivity with low disc space or failing hardware.

Offsite Backup

If you delete an important file, offsite backup can retrieve it in just a few clicks. Offsite access eliminates the potential for flooding, fire, and theft. If ransomware such as the crypto virus infects your computers, your offsite backup will allow you to safely recover your data rather than to risk paying the ransom.

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