Managed Hosted Services

Onsite Support

We believe personal interaction is essential for creating trust and relationship. Being onsite gives us the opportunity to see hardware and network equipment so we can optimize your setup and best collaborate on solutions to your needs.

Remote Support

When there is that pesky little I.T. problem and you just don’t want to wait for onsite help, we offer a remote support system that allows us to help you by connecting to your computer over the Internet. Remote support is an amazing tool promising efficiency and ease in times of need.

Server Managment

Monthly online maintenance is crucial for your network’s best uptime, efficiency, and overall success. We can take care of the patching, asset tracking, and monitoring of your onsite servers to maintain their health while minimizing downtime.


Need new hardware? We can take care of that! Whether you require servers, computers, or networking equipment, we will collaborate to deliver a solution that works best for you. Maintaining up-to-date equipment will minimize downtime and keep productivity to a maximum.


When ordering or implementing software, we are here to help. We can supply, set up, and train for new software solutions. If you wish to purchase software for yourself, we can work with software vendors to integrate it into your work environment.

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