Office 365 Certified

What is Office 365?

A popular bundle, Office 365 is a subscription-based software that accepts either monthly or annual payments. Along with providing the most current Microsoft Office suite, it allows you to exchange cloud-based email and use SharePoint Online for document management.

Setup / Migration

As a Microsoft partner, we can provide, set up, and maintain Office 365 to get your organization working from both the office and remotely. Instead of owning servers on-site, cloud-based integration solutions provide affordability and versatility. We offer a variety of services including basic Microsoft Office, email, SharePoint Online, fully-hosted servers, and everything in between.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online allows you to save and share documents, giving you access to updated files anywhere you have an Internet connection. Offline access is also available for remote areas by syncing folders directly to your PC. As soon as you come back online, the documents automatically sync to the SharePoint server. Multiple applications and customizations make your possibilities endless with SharePoint Online.

Backup for Office 365

The infrastructure of Office 365 provides redundancy but it does not protect you from accidental deletions or overwrites. With CloudFinder backup solutions we can connect to your Office 365 organization and protect your documents by backing up your email, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

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